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Plumbing professionals and contractors are on the forefront of implementing residential and commercial water efficiency plans.  With toilet fixtures, it is critical that plumbers make correct recommendations.

The consequences of bad recommendations include call-backs, complaints and non-compensated work.  MaP provides the kind of research needed to assure the design professional and contractor that their toilet selection is not just about initial cost, but also about fixture performance.

4,102 Tank-Type Toilet Models Tested and Reported!!

MaP enables the plumbing professional to make the right choice with accurate documentation. Because MaP participation from the manufacturer is voluntary, not all toilets in the marketplace are listed. To date, 4,102 toilet models from over 200 brands have been tested and listed in the MaP online database.  Of these, 3,461 models are certified to the U.S. EPA's WaterSense® specification for high-efficiency tank-type toilets.  Of these, 237 models (from 37 different brands) are specially qualified as MaP PREMIUM, flushing at 1.1 gallons (4 litres) or less and achieving a minimum 600 gram MaP score!

570 Flushometer Valve/Bowl Combination Toilets Tested!!

For the commercial application, MaP tests have been conducted on 570 flushometer combinations, 410 of which meet the more rigorous requirements High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs), flushing at 1.28 gallons OR 1.1 gallons per flush.  Information on all MaP-tested combinations (including WaterSense-compliant valves and bowls) is accessible through our Flushometer database.  

A Driving Force in Toilet Efficiency

Over a 14-year period, competitive pressure and MaP testing have resulted in hundreds of high-performance, efficient 21st-century toilet fixture models being introduced into the marketplace, for which manufacturers must be given great credit!

For example, in 2003, the average North American toilet MaP test score was 350 grams (about 12 ounces of solid waste).  By  2017, the average MaP test score more than doubled to nearly 882 grams (over 31 ounces)!