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Flushometer Toilet Database-Updated January 14, 2019

Flushometer toilets are installed primarily in non-residential applications, although they are used in some medium and high-rise residential dwellings in New York City and elsewhere.  These toilets consist of a combination of a bowl and a flushometer valve, frequently provided by different manufacturers.  As such, it is desirable (but not necessary) that bowl and valve be hydraulically matched, particularly for HETs, where flush volumes can range from 1.1 gallons (approx. 4 Litres) to 1.28 gallons (4.8 Litres).  However, this is not absolutely necessary;  our experience shows that mixing and matching HET bowls and valves has not resulted in any significant flushing problems to date.

The MaP test protocol has been applied to a number of combinations, covering both 1.6-gallon (6.0-Litre) and HET fixtures.  This flushometer toilet database provides the MaP scores for 585 such combinations, of which 421 are HETs (1.28 gallons per flush - 4.8 Litres per flush, or less).  NOW INCLUDING: WaterSense certifications of valves and bowls shown in our list of combinations - GO HERE

NOTE:  Our HET listing now includes all MaP-Tested flushometer combinations rated at 1.1 gallons per flush....83 combinations from 7 different bowl and valve manufacturers.

In most cases, the brand and model numbers for both the bowl and valve are shown in the database.

NOTE: The evaluation and MaP measurement of the flushometer bowl/valve combinations shown in the database was performed using the existing MaP test protocoloriginally designed for residential applications.  A more rigorous MaP protocol for non-residential (public restroom) applications is under development and will be released in 2019.  

When viewing the full flushometer toilet database, note the following abbreviated terms:

ADA - Meets bowl height requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act; does NOT imply that the fixture meets any other  ADA requirements.

BPL - Bowl with bed-pan lugs

RF - Round-front toilet bowl

EL - Elongated-front bowl

GPF - Gallons per flush

LPF - Litres per flush