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Latest Postings of MaP Performance Test Results

  • 3,200 different tank-type toilets from over 100 brands -- all tested and listed with over 2,500 qualified to the US EPA WaterSense specification
  • 300 different High Efficiency urinals listed -- From 25 different brands . . .. 240+ are flushing urinals qualified to the WaterSense specification
  • 488 different flushometer toilet combinations for commercial installations, all tested and listed
  • 127 different urinal flushometer valves certified to the WaterSense specification

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MaP PREMIUM-rated toilets are transforming the marketplace in the West!

  • Newest category of tank-type toilets for residential installations
  • 181 different models from 34 different manufacturers
  • All MaP PREMIUM toilets MUST....
  • be compliant with and certified to the US EPA WaterSense specification
  • flush with 1.1 gallons (4.0 litres) or less
  • meet a MaP performance score of at least 600 grams
  • MaP PREMIUM toilets now earning priority rebates from large water providers

Go HERE for information and lists of PREMIUM rated models.

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